Monday, October 20, 2008

Sample Bio

People seemed nervous about writing a bio, so here is what I might write for an actual bio:
TOMMY IAFRATE is thrilled to be directing High Stakes! For years, Tommy has served as the Artistic Director of Kaleidscope Theatre, a touring children's theatre company. Performance credits include: Nat'l and Asian tours of Cabaret (Bobby, u/s Emcee), TBTS's Bye Bye, Birdie! (Harvey Johnson) and Anything Goes (Luke). Musical Directing/Instrumental (piano, sax, clarinet, flute): 7 shows at the Goodspeed Opera House, 3 Royal Caribbean cruise ships, King Richard's Faire, PPAC's Chance to Dance, Acting Up's Swing! and A Chorus Line, and CCA's Full Monty and Footloose. 2005 BA, RI College, Musical Theatre & Physics. Special thanks to Mom, xoxo!

If I weren't allowed to include any of my performing experience (ie, if I didn't have any), then I might write:
TOMMY IAFRATE is thrilled to be making his University of Rhode Island directorial debut with this production of High Stakes! He is a 2005 graduate of Rhode Island College, where he double majored in Musical Theatre and Physics. In his spare time, Tommy can be found volunteering for the Barack Obama campaign, taking sign language classes at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf, or riding up and down the Washington secondary bike path. Other interests include playing the piano, politics, palindromes, and pi. Special thanks to Mom for the love and encouragement that were never in short supply. Peace!

(By the way, if my math-geekiness were ever in doubt, be aware that they are both exactly 100 words!)

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morenaje809 said...

Hey Tommy it Esthefany, i was just wondering when this bio is due?!